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Hello, I am a new member; I have had my PG 500 since Aug 2012. I wanted to share my experience today with any one still undecided on a PG 500. Here is how I spent my day;
I cooked a 10 pound Pork Butt today and I could not be happier. I rubbed it with "Butcher's Rib Rub" and let it sit over night. I started smoking at 5 am and set my PG 500 to 225 F. I loaded the 500 with hickory pellets and let her rip. I took my son, "Joseph" fishing as soon as I got it cooking and came back to the house around 1 pm. I ended up cooking the pork butt for about 11 hours. Oh and by the way, my wife Patricia was home just to make sure I didn’t burn the house down!! What a perfect day, I set the 500 and walked away, caught fish and pigged out (pun intended!! lol). I had an internal meat probe and set the thermometer to alert me when the butt reached 190F (I wanted it to be tender and pull apart). What a day, thanks Cook Shack!!
I have been searching my life for the perfect grill; if this isn’t it, it is pert near there!!
Rick Vice,
Clarksville TN
PS; as a disclaimer my Brother (Bill Vice) and Dad (Winford Vice) do work for Cook Shack, however this review is based on my own PG500 experience without my older brother and fathers guidance!! lol
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