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Since I can't travel back in time and purchase a PG1000, I've been daydreaming about ways to insulate my PG500.  For smoke mode only, of course...  Was wondering if anyone else has toyed with this at all?  Maybe even on a treager or some other thin walled poorly insulated beast?

Last weekend, I fashioned up a bit of a stocking cap for my PG500.  Basically wrapped the top half in some of that insulation that is basically bubble wrap sandwiched between foil.  The wind was blowing like crazy and it was relatively cool and I definitely noticed an improvement in the smoker being able to maintain temp.  I made it so that it can be easily removed when I want to run higher temps for grilling.

Anybody played with any other materials or have any other ideas?

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So I will repay the favour of answering my question. First I own a machine shop. As part of doing something interesting, I am attempting to start a segment that with make kitchen knifes. Besides the material science of metals, I have had to learn about heat treating. This has involve high heat insulation.

You will probably be able to do something with this.  Just find the right stuff for this. I don't know much about the insulation on the PG 1000 but I think something like this is sandwiched in the lid between two layers of stainless steel. Thats how I would do it!


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