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It seems on long cooks like Ribs, and brisket my product tends to dry out and get a bit crispier on the edges than I like. I am a fan of low and slow and try to cook at 225 to 275 or so. 

HHT is set at 30 and I am satisfied with the temp variance ranges I see with my Smoke X4.

I have always used a Large Big Green Egg, and never had a problem drying out meat. (Yes ceramic is kind of nice.)

I have never used the crutch, and would prefer to avoid it although I do think I will try Malcom Reed's Championship ribs next time.

My question would be does anyone run a water pan? Would it help? If so what would be the proper placement?


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@Debrajo11 - I've always wanted to experiment with a water pan but have never followed through.  If you end up trying it out, i would be very interested to hear your results...

I assume all your cooking is done on the lower rack of the indirect heat side of the PG500?  Does the meat on one side or the other of the rack get crisper?  My PG is usually a little hotter on the exhaust end so I usually put the point end of a brisket near the exhaust.  Or I just try to rearrange and rotate things every once in a while (every couple hours for ribs or every 4-6 hrs for brisket or pork shoulders).

I typically go with the 3-2-1 method on ribs, but wrap with butcher paper ILO foil.  This provides the best of both worlds for my household.  My wife gets the nearly fall off the bone ribs that she likes but it isn't to the point of being boiled ribs which I despise.

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