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Very Simple.

Freshly breasted from the weekend hunt, soaked in water overnight.

Patted dry and applied CS Spicy Chicken Rub.

Tinfoiled rack, perforated the foil applied Pam and layed the breasts out for an even layer. Thinner sections of breast overlapping for even distribution of meat.

Topped each breast with a small piece of bacon.

Apple wood chips and small piece of hickory.

Smoke at 250 to 160-165 temp. Smokes fast, approx 1hr 1/2. I shot past my mark to 168 due to an errand and it still turned out excellent.

I was worried that I should have brined but product turned out very moist. I'll be smoking the weekend harvest before I freeze from now on.

Any tips to improve a good thing are welcome.
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While some may think that brining is "only" for moist breasts/meats. I have come to love it for the taste that can be given to the product.

While this can be done with injections, brining seems to me like a better way of getting total coverage.

A person needs to play around with timing on the brining for it makes a difference on taste also.
Yes sir,

I like Simple Brine III, with CS Chicken rub for a rub, you'll have to play around with the brining time,cause you can get it plenty spicy.

For something simple:

3/4 cup Kosher Salt
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup black pepper
2 heaping tablespoons crushed garlic

You can add your favorite spices also, I'll do allspice or sage or onions or crushed red pepper or anything else that sounds good. Just keep good notes on the amount, for future cooks.

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