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Here's two links to two pages I have published. A few photos from Cookeville TN that show some FEC's on rigs. Also, a few photos from the Jack Daniels Invitational 2005.




Jack Daniels
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It was nice meeting you and Russ also. Perhaps next year when you need an apprentice for a competition around my area, you'll give me a call. (hint, hint). lol. I'm real good at re-arranging the beverages in the coolers to maximize correct ice-distribution.

Here's a link to the "movie" I made, I'll make more as time goes on...seems people like to watch. Family thinks I've lost it though:

Russ, that photo looks familiar! lol. Yeah, I love that rig too. Any guesses on how much $$$ that one would go for? I need to get to the bank.

Take care,
Funny that rig looks familiar. I like the Satellite dish also.

I posted your photo because someone might see it and know.

Well, you're welcome on my team anywhere I'm at. Same for anyone, if you want to hang out at a competition, you're welcome to join in.

Most teams on here will be happy to have to drop by/help so keep an eye on the contest forum and announcements for when they're competing.

And don't forget to get certified to Judge. Really helpful if you're going to compete.

Thanks, C'Nooga, for sharing those photos! That's actually the best picture I've seen of my trailer setup. I remember you taking the picture of me cooking on the back of the trailer. You send me your name, I'll give you credit on, when I get the contest page up.

By any chance, did you shoot a photo of me passing out pellets at Jack???

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