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I took 5 of the Dakota Sausages (garlic flavored) and sliced them about 1" thick (placed them into the freezer first for over an hour to make them easier to cut). Then sprinkled them with Williams Rib Tickler Rub on both sides and placed them into a 190* preheated smoker already billowing smoke from the aluminum pouch of cherry pellets.

When the internal temperature of the sausages hit 160*, pull them from the smoker and let them cool a bit so they can be handled. Wrap the sausages in precooked bacon (not crisp so they won't break when wrapping), toothpick, dip in your favorite barbecue sauce, and sprinkle with flaked parmesan cheese.

Place them back into a 225* smoker (preheated) to set the sauce and melt the cheese. 15 minutes, pull and serve. I did these early and refrigerated them, then microwaved to heat them for serving.

They went fast and were received well. These are simple to make and taste great.


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They don't have the Italian seasonings just garlic, and pork. They do look like Italian sausages though until cooked. Then they have a very smooth consistency and mouth feel.

Also, I wouldn't use a sweet sauce like Baby Rays. I did cause I had so much of it. Also, think next time I might use Romano Cheese. Parmesan got a little lost.
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OK. I did this recipe for the Christmas party at my friends except I used a great mild Italian Sausage instead of garlic sausages. I presmoked the sausage to 140* (oak/hickory pellets in a pouch) and precooked the bacon. Cut the sausages in 1" chunks and smoked the bacon wrapped sausage for 45 minutes at 275*. Dipped the smoked bacon wrapped sausages in Kinder's Roasted Garlic BBQ Sauce and sprinkled with 4 way cheese. 15 minutes in 250* smoker to set sauce and melt cheese.

Best taste yet. Many compliments (kinda makes you feel warm inside). Gone quickly. Try'll like them.

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