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So I decided to use the beef cheeks to make some Barbacoa.

6lbs of beef cheeks meat, VERY red:

Does not look very appetizing once you open it up:

Quite a bit of fat and gristle:

Simple rub all over, into a disposable pan, and into the smoker at 225 with two chunks of mesquite and a chunk of pecan.

Now we wait......

About 4 1/2 hours in, ready to foil it to let it steam cook.

7 hrs later... Waiting for it to cool a little bit before I shred it. But I had to try a piece. OMG the taste is amazing!!! Very, very rich!

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OK, lets see if I can do this. After about 5 hours in the smoker (IT = 150) and another 5 foiled in the oven at 225, the cheeks looked like this (sorry a little blurry). The IT reached 195 after about three hours in the oven, but they weren't ready to pull for another two hours:

After pulling with two forks:

Ready to eat, a flour tortilla, a little avocado, some nice spicy pico de gallo, and some lettuce. Yum!:

Thanks Andy - I don't think I outdid you, but you have a way of inspiring me (and the rest of us) with your own inspirations! I've had the cheeks in my freezer for about 6 months and just needed to finally do them. I have to say the flavor was unexpected - very, VERY beefy, reminding me of brisket point, but more so, with just a hint of "gaminess." As for finding them, I guess it helps to live in NM part of the year. Offal is quite an important part of the local diet. Makes for interesting shopping, and eating.
Did these on Saturday and wanted to share.

Started with 5 pounds of Beef Cheeks. These were frozen and thawed in the fridge for 3 days.

Rubbed with Grand Champion and in to the PG500 at 225 degrees.

Smoked them for 4 hours. Covered with foil and finished in a 225 degree oven for 5 hours.

Tested and it was fall apart tender. Let rest in oven turned off for 2 more hours waiting for guests to arrive.

Pulled and ready to serve. They were so tender and gelatinous. The tendons and fat just gave it this sticky sweet succulent texture.

Amazing! Will do it again. Hoping to source some fresh cheeks next time.

I recently discovered a Sam's not too far away that carries beef cheeks and want to recreate this success. I know this is a very old thread and I rail against those, but in this case the pics were important to the process. I am really disappointed that padrefan's pics did not survive the transition to the new CS forum format. If there is any way to reinstate them, that would be great.

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