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Ran across this a few weeks ago, some guy in Germany came up with them. Made them for a Grillers Anonymous "meating" tonight. Guys only, grilling, drinking, lying and everyone votes on each dish. Got second place, missed it by that much... 1 point. But the beer was good and the stories were even better.

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1 lb of Italian sausage
2 green onions sliced thin
1 Jalapeno diced
1 tsp hot sauce
2 TBSP rub
2 TBSP Allegro Marinade
Shredded Cheese
BBQ Sauce

Mix the first six ingredients together and form into donut shapes. Wrap with bacon slices. Grill until done. Just before taking them off, add some cheese on top to melt, drizzle with BBQ sauce.

Original recipe didn't have the Allegro marinade in it. I divided mine into 1/3 lb balls, needed 3 strips of bacon for each one. I had to put them in the freezer for about an hour to firm up before I could wrap with bacon.

Vary the amount of Jalapeno and hot sauce depending on your desired heat level, these weren't too spicy.

I grilled these on a cheap Brinkman on low, flipping several times. Would have rather grilled indirect at a higher temp. or smoke at 350-375. Took about 45 minutes to cook.

I'll see if I can find the original link.
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Andy, you've really got to publish a cookbook with all your great pics. It is beyond me how you could wrap those delicate sausage rings with bacon like you did without breaking them. Great job. I noticed the original recipe called for ground pork, guess you kicked it up a bit with the Italian sausage.

Great Job. Another recipe on my to do list. Now if I can just get my slicer to cut bacon that thin.
Just caught this on the Original recipe,

'Then wrap the Doughnuts with Bacon. This step is easyer if you freeze them about an hour to make the mor stable.'

Like you, I went to his website. While his recipies are in German, it's very interesting how he uses 'Schweinehackfleisch' (ground pork) a lot where we in America would default to some pre-mixed sausage.

That's Germany for you. Most stores I go to here in the US, 'might' have a pre-packaged chub of Hormel ground pork, but hardly ever any fresh.

I got to go to one grocery store while I was in Germany for a week, a couple of years ago. I spent 30 minutes gawking at the meat and deli counter until the lady nearly had to call security. Amazing pork-friendly country.

One of my retirement goals? -- Charcuterie tour of Europe. Nuff Said.
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Love Germany. Was there maybe 8-9 years ago, never had a bad meal there. Well, maybe one... Breakfast at the hotel, had a buffet set up, grabbed some eggs, deli meats, breads, something that looked like it might be mozzarella sticks...

Nope, not cheese sticks, fish sticks! Who the hell eats fish for breakfast? Germans evidently. Was not prepared for that. But that evening, I got drunk in the local bar with an Italian, a German, a Spaniard and a Polish guy. Everyone spoke a little bit of some other language and we ended up having a blast.

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