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After RibDog posted his beef short rib recipe and pictures, I knew I had to give them a try. Managed to work my way down to one of our best meat markets and picked up a few good looking ribs. I followed the recipe RibDog posted virtually to the "T". So as not to duplicate the recipe and techniques he used, here is his thread covering the short ribs he made at his class.

These are the ribs before prep--quite meaty and thick, definitely not like the fatty things I see at most of the grocery stores. The only change I made to the RibDog recipe was to only partially score the ribs, and not score the meat all the way to the bone.

Using the rub recipe he used, I generously covered the ribs and let them sit for a couple hours in the fridge then on the counter for 30 minutes.

Into the smoker set to 275* with a couple chunks of hickory and setting on the smoker racks. Once they hit an internal temperature of 160*, I pulled them out. They almost looked good enough to eat right now, but they still needed the marinade bath and foil.

I prepared the marinade to the recipe and inserted the ribs in foil then covered them with the marinade. Into the smoker for a little over an hour and pulled at a temp of 197*. After they set for 15 minutes in the enclosed foil packet, they looked like this.

They turned out very flavorful and tender. My wife doesn't like beef short ribs, so I got to eat these all by myself, dinner and for lunch the next day.

RibDog. Thanks for posting the results from your class. I'm glad I gave this a try, and I'll definitely be doing this again.

Certainly, if you've got more recipes you'd like to post, please do so. I've picked up peach preserves and ribs to give your rib recipe a try.
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Nice job Pags! and thanks for the pics.

I will have to try these some time. It just seems that the last few weeks I don't get as much time to cook. While I could bring home food from the comps, it just seems that the CS, with the help of this forum, makes better BBQ.I've been trying to eat up all the frozen Que in the freezer, seems that I went a little crazy smoking the first 6 months, oh well. Winter will be here shortly and I'll have more time to cook.

I have no doubt that a recipe from RibDog would be time well spent, as you found out.
Your welcome John, a very fine cook and a good friend of ours, has told me as I continue my path on becoming a good cook to beware of so called experts that offer free advice. Check their credentials out,because it is easy to strayed off of the correct path and for years a young cook can wonder around in circles.

I have checked yours and I, like Pags, will listen and learn from you...but you can be dang sure I will score all the way to the bone,cause that was part of the recipe,you know!

Those wine sippers will have a treat, no doubt.
Yep, Pags, I'm with ya. Reading and writing has never been my strong point, in fact, until I got my CS I never spent more than 10 minutes a month on the computer. I didn't even know what a forum was about, but hey, it seems that the common bond of the CS family has changed us all, just a little.

Thanks for the clarification RibDog!
Ribs sure looked awesome! So good in fact went to the store this morning and picked out 2 packages to do this weekend!!

Will also do 3 slabs of lion backs, have to give some to a neighbor who watched my home and got my mail while I was site seeing in Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, and Cody for 10 days!!!

Thanks to all fore the great info!

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