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The new PG500 arrived on Wednesday. Nice crate and this photo was shot after I pulled off all of the plastic and inspected for damage. None!

After I moved it to the garage to it's final destination by the pool on the deck. Shelf attached.

Fired up and seasoning!

After 2 hours of seasoning I put on some Marinated pork tenderloins from CostCo to the indirect side. Took them to 125 degrees.

Moved them over to the direct side for some char. Took them to 145 degrees.

Removed them and let rest for 10 minutes.

Sliced and serve. You can see just a little bit of smoke ring. Since this was my first smoke and grill attempt, I think it came out really nice. The flavor was great and the char was a nice addition. I have smoked this product a few times on the SM025 and moved over to my gaser. On the PG500 there is no comparison. These were better!

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A couple of things I wanted to point out.

On one of my other threads I was talking about the pellets jumping the fire pot. You can see in the grill photo where they are on fire on the other side of the fire pot. For those that don't know the fire pot looks like a cup with two higher ledges on both sides.

You can also kind of see the pellet release door on the hopper. You can't tell in the first photo but it was stuck behind that finished piece that has two bolts on it. Kind of wierd. I was able to get it out with a screwdriver pushing the door up. Now when I close and lock it the door shuts on top of the finish piece. Not a problem and everything works fine. We did empty the fruit wood and switch to Hickory. The trap door is nice but placing a bucket under to catch the pellets created quite a mess. We even tried lifting the bucket to catch them. I think if we can get the bucket up closer to the door it would help. But the door is close to the corner so the pellets don't quite make it in. Still not a problem just have to do a little sweeping if you are alone. If you have help you can kind of have one person hold the bucket and another open the door and place your hand to the side to kind of direct the pellets into the bucket. If anyone knows of another trick, please let me know. I think placement of the door to the left front edge would have been better. Just my opinion.
Padre. Give us a good report on the Ribeyes you're doing the end of the month. If I buy one of these critters, it will be mainly for the steak and chicken, as I do most everything else in the FEC. Let us know the flavor profile difference in the pellet fired steak vs your old gasser. Also interested in the seer/grill marks, etc. Also, grease management and flareups. And some pictures would be great, especially if they 'smell' as good as the tenderloin ones you posted Smiler

Thanks, Bill
Sure no problem Chaplain. I did some frozen hamburger patties last night. The good ones from CostCo. I put them on the grill after reaching 350 degrees. I decided to leave only the grill side door open. Flipped them after 3-4 minutes and then moved them over to the indirect side and lowered the temp to 250. My sides weren't done so this was a on the fly call. I sliced up some thick cheddar and placed it on the burgers. And let them stay in the indirect side for at least 10 minutes. Pulled them and the reviews were great. My daughter said they were awesome and better then "In n Out!" Well I find that kind of easy, but hey kids love that place.

My opinion. They were pretty tasty. Much better then a gasser. I compare the taste to the good old days. When we went to the beach, park, tailgatting, camping etc... We lit some coals and made burgers and dogs that always tasted better then at home. I always would say I need to cook them like this at home, and we never did. The gasser was just too easy. Well now that flavor is back and boy has everything been worth it.

Flare ups- On my chicken I got some pretty good flare ups. I think I made some mistakes. I set the temp for 400. After that was reached I put the chicken thighs skin down right on the grill. Well that was a mistake because almost immediately I had a pretty good fat fire. This was How I always did it on the gasser and my chicken never burned. Lesson learned. More experiments to come. Probably will try a lower starting temp and start them meat side down. My intention is to get good sear marks and move them to Zone 4. Although I am sure some will say to start in Zone 4 and then move to direct.

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