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I mentioned that I would post some pictures of the fantastic sausages we can get at the Lockeford Meat Company, so I dragged out the camera for my last sausage smoke to share with the group. Most people don't have access to this place cause of the distance, but the visual will help some who have had questions about hot smoking sausages.

In this picture, I've placed 4 Dakota's (garlic flavored sausages) on the plate prior to placing them in the smoker. I placed my wedding ban next to the sausages to give perspective on the size of these puppies. For reference, I have larger than average hands.

I threw the sausage into my Elite for roughly 2.5 hrs. Smoker was set at 220*, 4 oz hickory. Pulled the sausages at an internal of 160*. No low start. Just hot smoked. No ice bath after wards.

I couldn't resist showing you the picture of one sitting in a hot dog bun. They're really quite large.

They turned out great with a delicious smokey flavor. My wife doesn't normally like sausage, but she liked these cause they have excellent texture with no gristle. Again, a simple approach with very good results.
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