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I wanted to cook a breakfast fatty but decided against taking a loan out to buy some eggs.  I had all the other ingredients on hand to make a pizza fatty.  This one cooked faster because I could not roll it closed.  I over stuffed with cheese, onions, and pepperonis.   It cooked pretty quickly compared to my cheeseburger fatty.  It was very delicious according to my coworker.  He is my test dummy while I get used to the new smoker.  I used skewers to try to hold it together.  It didn't work so well hence the FLATTY.  20230123_12071120230123_121152


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mountainman, thanks for that link! I've never done a fatty, and that device looks like it is worth its weight in gold! On that particular recipe (and others similar bacon-wrapped), I'd use pre-cooked bacon in my SM066 which doesn't go above 300F. The use of the zip bag to get an even thickness of sausage is genius. I usually cut back my smoking in the winter, but I may make an exception to try something like that. At least I can work on the piston.

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