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WOOHOOO!!! for Firehouse,BBQ team! Congratulations to Craig, John, Tom, and the fastest member with the sharpest elbows, Barbara!!! I lost count on what all you guys won!

They were on stage more often than anybody.

OK, I've set the scene. You guys need to brag!
And thanks for the hospitality. It was so nice to meet you all. GOOD JOB!

2 Greyhounds....SMOKIN!!!!
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Thanks Peggy. I guess we must have remembered a few things from all the times over the years that everyone shared information with us.

We got 9th place in chicken, 10th place in ribs, 3rd place in pork and 1ST in brisket. This is the just reward for Barbara after she was subjected to eating brisket so many times over the last three months.

I personally want to thank Ray "DrBBQ" for all the help he has shared with me over the years. I know that Craig also went and took his cooking class and I know Tom and Barbara have received assistance from him over the years.

Thanks for the very kind words Peggy. And we all really love the new rolling kitchen for 1 Greyhounds.

Well It was a great day for our team. We all gelled well together thanks guys for working so hard. Yes I have had Dr BBQ's class, and say that had helped alot. There are also alot of other people that have help teach us Bill is one of them that has helped us. It was an honor I thought just to be on the same stage as all the big guys in bbq. It was good to meet some new faces.

I told you the exact way I do chicken, I did'nt leave anything out. except what rub I use and what sauce I use. At the next comp come over and I'll tell you that too. As Ray Lampe told me when I started out "practice, practice,and then practice some more". At least that's what I think he said. Good luck and all the best to you and Jack.
wtg firehouse bbq and bill and the dixie chicks!!!!!
thanks for the good chow and good advice guys.
i would have written sooner but after recieving backing directions from peggy it took a while to calm back down lol.
her chicken scores came up big time and my rib scores were the best that i have ever gotten and i would like to thank all of you at firehouse and dixie chicks for just letting me set and listen to you guys. i learned heaps!!!
oh and thanks to everyone we met that made kathryn feel so welcome. she is demanding that we take her to our next comp because everyone was so "kewl".

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