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Thanks Erin. We have an as tough, if not tougher than last year, lineup this weekend. But the pelletheads should be well represented there with Bill and the Dixie Chicks, HomeBBQ, FireHouseBBQ and a coming out contest for Quigley. Hopefully Prisonchef will be there also.

If I missed anyone, it was only due to ignorance. So please pipe up if you will be there.
Well, you do so poorly on your last contest, I expect you to go 1 place better.

Take lots of photos of the goings on and maybe we can get some photos of these famous pelletheads in action. They DO have digital cameras in Florida? I just know Tom doesn't know how to work them, so maybe John or Craig. Maybe Mom should be in charge of photos.

We will just see if we can hit on a few cylinders... The usual crowd will be there also,, smokin triggers, smokers wild, and usually jmac is at this one also... Should be a great contest...

Russ there are lots of contests going on down here, when there there is not anywhere else.. Lots of opportunities just after the first of the year.. Usually Eddie makes it to Lakeland, maybe you can work something out there..
Well made it home tonight. Some of the judges were not kind to us this weekend... But Ray Lampe brought home Reserve Grand! It was a great contest. Besides having some Yankee next to us all weekend trying to steal pics and secrets. You know you are and a fellow pellet cooker. We had a great time and great weather.
Russ you need to come down to Lakeland. I know that Yankee said he was coming back and he better bring beer this time.



1 Smokin' Triggers
2 Barnwood Barbeque
3 Blazen BBQ
5 Smokers Wild
6 Smokin Butts
7 Two Hawg Nutz
8 Big Daddy Butt Rub
9 Bonesmokers
10 Kathleen Roadkill Grill

1 Blazen BBQ
2 Bill and the Dixie Chicks
3 Wild Bunch Butt Burners
4 Bonesmokers
5 Kathleen Roadkill Grill
6 Firehouse BBQ
8 AKA BBQ Cook Team
10 Barnwood Barbeque

1 Plant City Porkers
2 Bonesmokers
3 Smokers Wild
4 Kathleen Roadkill Grill
6 Florida Boys
7 Woodhouse Grill
8 Two Hawg Nutz
9 Barnwood Barbeque
10 Wild Bunch Butt Burners

1 Bonesmokers 169.1428
2 Blazen BBQ 169.1428
5 Smokin Triggers
6 Smokin Cracker BBQ
7 Dr Bones
8 Swamp Water Boys
9 Cool Smoke
10 Big Daddy Butt Rub

Grand Blazen BBQ
Reserve Bonesmokers
4 Smokin Triggers
5 Barnwood Barbeque
6 Bill and the Dixie Chicks
7 Wild Bunch Butt Burners
8 Firehouse BBQ
9 Big Daddy Butt Rub
10 Smokin Cracker BBQ

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