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My wife, Nancy, and I will be also. We are driving in from west Texas, just a short 8-9 hour drive. You've gotta love the wide open spaces to live out here. We should arrive in the early afternoon on Friday. We are looking forward to the get together and meeting everyone. I know that I will learn a lot since I don't know much to begin with!! Ron
The wife and I are heading out from Colorado. Supposed to snow here Friday so hopefully I can beat it out of the state. Only drawback to drinking out there is it takes a little more alcohol with this big body to get me going at a lower altitude. That darn oxygen messin' things up again.

I'm very much looking forward to being there and learning a lot. I'm flying to Wichita, arriving at 12:30 pm on Friday and driving to Ponca City - staying at the Fairfield Inn - leaving Sunday from Wichita at 7:30 am. Unless they're making those overhead compartments on the planes bigger than they used to, don't think I'll be bringing my FE-100 with me.

I hear the Vikings are moving to Los Angeles - maybe they're just playing bad so the people there in Minnesota won't be sorry to see them go.

I'll be joining Lane in the designated diet coke section.

Maybe if the Vikings move to LA they will finally win a superbowl. The Minnesota Lakers (LA Lakers now) moved and won several. The Minnesota North Stars (Dallas Stars) won the Stanley Cup after they moved. Maybe it is just too cold to win here (although they all play indoors Big Grin ).


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