Razzer Thank you, will by doing Jerky next, just sliced it up, and seasoned it , I put mine on Bambo picks, picts to follow when done

If you would, can you post you PB in the Pork section? I like to keep this thread for PB 101 questions.

Also, check out the post about "posting pics" in the Open Forum and that might help for a way to put them all in one post.
How about a "Reader's Digest" verison at the very front of this post with all the pertinent info for a 1st time user? Like rub/no rub (time included), cooking temp, time, mop or no mop, etc. Lots of good stuff here for after you get the thing cooking but a concise "to do" up front would help. Thanks!
Originally posted by MaxD:
I will try

It's pretty easy, just go to the top of this forum where all the threads are listed. Click on "new" and select "discussion" Just put a good explanation for the title and do everything you posted here.

You've got a lot of relevant data, you can actually copy from here and past it there.

If you need help, just PM me.

I agree with Big Tub. Smoking my first PB tmro. 6.5lbs.

Silly newbie questions but this is what 101 is about. Dale mentioned aluminum pans. I smoke meatloaf in an aluminum pan. You don't do this with a PB do you?

Your ribs 101 gave specific info to start your adventure (basically 3 hrs then check every 30-45 min until done. spray with apple juice each time door is opened).

I know PBs vary but can you do something similar for all 101s? For example, start by getting a X lb PB, start checking / basting every X often, etc...
Just place the pork butt on the smoker's rack. Smoke will get to all sides of the butt. You don't want the butt sitting in a pan where it will sit in its juices, kinda like poaching the bottom. Bark will form on all sides while sitting on a rack.
Krash,the reason Smokin' might not post that approach is most of the experienced cooks will say.

Buy an 8-10 lb ,bonein butt.

Be sure the cooking point on the rack is around 220*-235*,set butt there,insert probe of remote therm.

When it gets about 195*,open door,wiggle the bone,and check temps a couple places.

If not done,cook another 3-5 *.

Remove, foil and hold a couple hrs,or until needed.

Most others would have varying techniques,as well.

Very much of a newbie here. Just received my SM045 and on my second smoke. First try on ribs were easy and delicious. Now have a PB in and just pushing thought the plateau. Question on your baste/serving sauce though. Do you mince the garlic or put the whole clove in and remove after cooking? Thanks for your help and for all the great info.

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