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The sleeping bag idea is excellent, unfortunately I no longer have any. Gave them to he kids years ago. I like the cooler method for long term holding but after foiling the butt I stuff the bottom of the cooler with lots of old bath towels (we got a bunch of them) put the butt in the cooler, stuff more towels around sides of the butt, put more towels on top then put on the lid. I've kept butts that way for 4 1/2 hours and when I took them out they were at 165 degrees or more. Just another idea.

When you wrap the butt in heavy foil and put it in a cooler with towels to cover it, it will cook another 10 degrees or so. This would make it about 200 degrees or so. If that is what you want, go for it.

I pull mine at 185, and let them sit wrapped up so that they get to about 195 degrees. We all get into our little routines in this BBQ game- and, for the most part, it is what works for you and the people that are eating your product that are most important in deciding on the little details that make this "hobby" as much fun as it is!
I'm agreeing with GLH. My last butts I took to 207...admittedly a bit by mistake 'cuz I got home a half hour late...but, it/they were great.

May be important to point out that GLH likes a fair amount of fat mixed in with the meat which keeps it succulent even when taken to the higher temperature points.

I "used" to be a 'take it off early' and slice the pork, but that was before CS and I found that the butt would stay moist even up to the higher temps. And of course, even the fat is better when taken to 205 or so...more toward 'cracklin's' and less toward plain ole pork fat! And the meat itself seems to have a more 'velvety' texture, too.

Man, I've made myself hungry. I'm headed downstairs and make a sammich right now!!
You are right, I keep all the fat when shredding a butt. I love the flavor. If I do a whole shoulder with the hide on one side, I do throw away the hide after it has finished cooking and when I am ready to shred. I am using 'shred' instead of 'pull' because it seems a few folks sometimes get confused when we use the word 'pull' and think we are referring to taking the meat out of the smoker.

Anyways, some folks might want to make cracklins from the hide (skin).

GLH- with all due respect, I have never had to take a butt above 185-190 degrees out of my Smokette. Letting it rest so it cooks to 190 or so degrees makes a great hunk of pulled pork. If you take one to 205 degrees, (which means 215 degrees in the cooler) means meat that may be overcooked in my opinion.

I am interested in your data that leaving it cook in the CS smoker to more than what I mention above this makes a better product.
Bobby Que, with the same respect due, I never said my butts are better than yours, sir. I said I like to melt more fat and collagen, and that I keep what fat and collagen I end up with in the finished product. Mine come out looking like a meteorite and with all that yummy goodness sealed inside! Not overcooked, moist and yummy! Betcha there are as many ways to make pulled pork as there are active forum members!


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