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I've never before had room enough to smoke a picnic shoulder roast. Only done the butt portion. Anything I should think about in particular regarding the picnic?

I figured I'd skin it, defat it pretty good and then maybe injector marinate it, rub it, and hang it in a SMO55 and smoke it. I'm figuring a lot longer time needed to penetrate even though the bone will be there to conduct some of the heat.

Also, I particularly don't want 'ham,' but rather 'roast/smoked pork.'

What am I forgetting?
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Well,since you said picnic,I assume that you have the bottom half of the leg-down by the hock.

It tends to have a lot more connective tissue than a butt and less interspersed fat.

You can cook it like a butt,but a lot of folks just cook it to about 185º and slice it like a ham.

Many feel that it has a "hammier" taste.

You can also cook it about 3-4 hours and then slit the fat all the way down.

It is easier to skin that way.

Hope this helps a little.

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