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Guys, Gals, Anyone experienced doing a pork knuckle in Smokette ? It is a specialty in Poland, some buy it already smoked, then roast in an oven, called "Golonki". We can buy in Oz both raw and smoked, I wanted to do both at once. Come to think of it, not so much different from anything else, except there is a lot of fat in the piece. Thanks for any advice.
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Smokin' rightly pointed out that my post didn't directly reference a pork knuckle.I guess my years growing up in Europe,I assumed it was kinda common,as are smoked hocks,neckbones,tails,etc.

Brining,and smoking,hot/cold,much the way we might see turkey drumsticks,pork hocks,etc.

the front part of the pigs leg above the kneecap .

A common use of the smoked knuckle could be

Smoked Pork Knuckle

Hope this clears it up,for those folks that have not had the experience.

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