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I rubbed this half a loin with honey and sweet rub for 24hrs. I smoked it in my 08 @ 225 to an internal temp of 140 (roughly 2.5hrs). I used 1 oz of hickory and I put a couple of spinich/mozarella brats around the outside. I cut up some apples and used them as a base in the dish. I set the loin on top to help keep it off of the dish. I then filled it with apple juice up to the bottom of the loin. The meat came out great!!! Very tender and moist. I was worried that I would overcook it and make it tough because it was so lean. I was going for a sweeter taste rather than a salty one. Don't ask where I got the ideas, I was just experimenting. That's what I love about this, if you don't like something, tweak it for next time. I bought a couple of the loins on sale and tossed them in the freezer for more experimenting. Drop me a line if you have any suggestions.


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If it all came out to suit you,then you must have done it right.

Sometimes it is a little difficult to have products with a different finish temp,size,shape,thickness finish together.

Since the sausage was separate,I guess you can remove it when it is ready,or put it in later?

Yes,today's lean bred pork loin doesn't have much internal moisture and has to be watched for overcooking.

Many folks will quick grill loins,or hot roast at around 335º,to an internal of around 140º+ to prevent drying out.

The resting time will usually allow it to rise another 5-7 degrees.
Beautiful pictures.

However! I just can't eat pork that hasn't reached 155 degrees. I take the pork loin out at 150 degrees, slather it while it is hot, wrap it in foil, a towel and place it in our outdoor cooler till whatever time we eat. As mentioned by Tom, it will rise another 5-7 degrees after removing it from the CS. I know the modern way to eat pork is to prepare it like beef, but it just isn't my thing.

We visited a fancy restaurant here in Cedar Key last week and I ordered the special - pork liver and onions. The liver was served blood red. Now, I know the owner and he came out of the kitchen and lectured me on the modern way restaurants prepare liver. Ha! I still sent it back to be cooked. Then he thought he would incinerate it, but when I started to eat it - it was cooked just as I like it.

Beef steak is another matter, I will eat it rare.
140 was a typo. If you can see the set temp on my thermometer it was set to 145 and +5 to 7 while holding = 150. My wife was a little nervous, but after holding, we checked it again and the temp was 151. I used the dish to hold the juice. Like I said, I am pretty new to this and just experimenting. Thats why I post my eats.. Maybe get some new/correct ideas on how to use this awesome thing.
I think 137 is the actual temp where trichinosis is killed, even though I don't think there has been any outbreaks of trichinosis in US pork for 30 years. I cook my pork tenderloins to 135 and let the residual rise take care of the extra few degrees. Loin I may take to 140 but never any higher. With today's pork, "the other white meat", there is very little fat content and further cooking of the lean cuts just makes a dry, tasteless piece. Lord knows my mother, who was raised not to eat pork unless it was cooked till dead, never would agree. So serve that pork medium and have no worries.

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