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I bought a pork loin from Costco,about 10 pounds and cut it into quarters, about 2.5 pounds each. I think I want to butterfly or roll cut one of the roasts. I was thinking of brining overnight then stuffing with mostly a sweet filling like brown sugar, molasses, apple or maybe pineapple or apricot preserves and maybe bacon or prosciutto. Tie it up and smoke to about 130 then finish on a grill with a burbon maple glaze. I saw an Alton Brown ham recipe that used gingersnaps in the glaze. What about maybe an injection like apple juice. Any comments or suggestions?
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I cut my pork loin roast up to get some nice big loin chops and have a couple loin roasts also. I follow Dr. BBQ's technique for cutting up the loin...'cept my loin chops go about 1.5". Cool

Your recipe sounds delicious Ranger...brining really moistens them up nicely. The filling and the bourbon maple glaze should add a nice touch. I've done a couple stuffed loins (although not quite as exotic as yours...sausage stuffing) and enjoy them quite well. Let us know how yours turns out.
I already did one roast. May sound a little crazy but here is what I did. I wanted to marinade in Cherry Cool aid but could not find any so I marinated (brined) it in cherry Snapple with salt and sugar. The goal was to get a red color and cherry flavor. I rubbed it with red spices, chili powder and paprika, S/P. Smoked to 130 and finished on the grill. Looked beautiful. I sliced very thin on my slicer and made sandwiches. Turned out very good. I still want to try the Cool Aid though.


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