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I have a 6lbs picnic shoulder...I was wondering before marinate or rub, should I remove the thick skin ? also there a ½" layer of fat unterneath, shouls I also trim it ?

or just leave it like that and rub around it ...

also what wood and how much ? I have wild apple, wild cherry, sugar maple and hickory.

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You can cook like it is,but the rub doesn't reach much.

The rind is difficult to remove in the raw state.

You can cook it 3-4 hrs,slit down the picnic and around it .

The rind should pretty much slip off.

You can then hit it with your rub and back into the cooker.

I don't have experience with wild apple,or cherry,but hickory is a staple in the southeast.

Sugar maple is a little too mild,for me.

3-4 oz should be fine.

Pull it between 180*-185* for slicing,over 190* to pull.

My experience has been that it will dry some,if you take it up to the higher temps that some folks may take a butt.
Well a bit late, but I was Disapointed of the results!!..

it was a 5 lbs picnic shoulder...used the S&S Red Eye Butt recipe, 200º 1 AM, was only at 181º ?? took it off(had to go sleep), smelled good, looked good, but was a bit dried, hard and tough...

The sad thing is that I told my neighbour that I would give im a sample because he was interested in getting a Cookchack!!!....

I gave some but explained the problem and that I was giving it a weak 6/10...

wat is because I removed it at 181º ??

15h for a 5lbs ?? that seems quite long ??
A 5 lb picnic,cut by places like wallyworld,can be not much more than bean seasoning meat.

They have the hock removed,to season greens,green beans,etc.

The good part of the top of the picnic,could have been trimmed away as shoulder steak.

They could be pumped with up to 18% salt water.

A good,large,correctly cooked one can be smoked for pulled pork,but many folks prefer to slice and eat like fresh ham.
You want to ask at the store, where the piece of meat went that was attached to that picnic, that would be the Butt.

I never smoke Picnics, unless they're a Full Shoulder.

Now, I do throw them in the smoke for a couple of hours before I throw them in a pot of beans, but not just for eating straight.

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