I have only had my SM025 for a week now, and I put a butt in last night before I went to bed. I woke up to find pork stalagmites had formed in my drip pan. I am sure most people have already seen this but I thought it looked so cool that I took a picture.

Been really loving the smoker. So far I have done ribs, a chicken, and we will be having pulled pork for lunch today. It has all turned out great so far.

Thanks again for all the great info on the forums.


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Got a little chilly in Ks lastnight did it?? Being able to close the door on your smoker and go to bed is just way to kool. I'm a Cookshack newby to. I'm right there with you, great smoker and the forum is priceless.
Hilarious aren't they. My husband laughed when I showed him my volcanos. WARNING though, someone posted a reminder that these things can start fires when you get ones like yours. He said when the grease backs up into the grease hole it can catch fire, then I am not sure what happens. Wether it might go out itself or you get very crispy pork. The post mentioned putting a grate/one of the grill racks over the pan serving double duty of displacing the grease and holding the pan in place in case of wind. It only happens on long smokes. I usually use only one grill rack at a time so I put the other over the foil pan. Worked for me....
While funny, they can be something you want to watch for. Put a wind blow around the bottom so it doesn't cool off so quickly.

Empty it each time you use it.

Someone suggest putting a lamp pointing onto the pan to warm it up a little.

Just keep the hole clean when possible. On long cooks, knock it down and keep the hole clear.
My 12 year old son collects those and makes candles out of them. He grew cotton in the back yard and rolls wicks out of the bolls. He then pushes a hot wire down the tallow to make a hole and stuffs the wick in. He calls them mandles and they smell like smoking meat. I like it but the wife doesn't!

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