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Just smoked one last Friday. What I wanted was some little ham-like medallions to serve with noodles, so I cured a 1#er for a couple of days with 1tsp Tender-Quick rub & some spices. Smoked to 170F, it was a bit dry but not bad for the purpose. Overall, I think they're better brined for a day or so and grilled whole or as kebabs over a medium fire. Or for the best, make pork Wellington by wrapping in bread or filo dough and baking in the oven. Couldn't do that on the grill, I don't think. For some reason, frozen tenderloins tend to get tough after a few months in the freezer - not a problem with other pork in my experience.
I don't remember the discussion on grilling them. Will look it up. However, I smoke them all the time. They turn out great, as far as I am concerned much better than grilling...

I like to stuff them with peppers, onion and gralic. Put a little CS chicken rub on them and smoke with cherry wood for 1-1/2 hours at 225.

They only need to be cooked to an internal temperature of 160 degrees, I pull them at 155.
Is it loin or tenderloin? There's a difference from that big hunk of pork that dries out if you look at it (loin).

If you're doing a loin, be careful about drying it out, that's why I like the grill and I always marinade them (and even brine them -- yes, you can brine pork).

I'll have to agree with some of the other posts we've made here, don't cook it to an internal temp higher than 145.

Ah, the Pork Loin Internal Temp Controversy, what temp to cook pork to?


What strategy?

1) Get on bus in Norman,
2) Get off bus in Lincoln (453 miles, might need to consider a plane!)
3) Tailgate the animal flesh of your choice
4) open a can of famous 'Sooner Magic' whup-ass
5) get back on bus/plane and head back to Norman!

Seems pretty straightforward to all the folks in Norman! Now the folks in Lincoln . . . hmmmm! Big Grin
Been doin pork loins for a couple years now on an old,(sorry) coleman gas smoker..... cover them with canadian steak seasoning and but in a baggie with some worchestershire sauce in the fridge over nite and put on the smoker low to med heat with apple and oak..smoke for about an hour, total time around three hours to get temp up to 155........MELTS in yer mouth..oh yeah, water pan in the smoker with water, a couple of cheap beers and some old bay Big Grin

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