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Since people love their CS for smokin poultry except for the rubbery skin, I was thinking, maybe you could put it in a very hot oven before or after smoking it? I'm thinking maybe a 550 degree oven for maybe a half hour and then move it to the cs?

Or do you think finishing it in a hot oven would help?

I'm thinking that starting it on the hot oven would be a better choice. I once made "thompson's turkey" --- a foodtv recipe --- where I did the really hot oven at the beginning and it was the best turkey I ever made. Still too much work , but definitely incredible ( 30 - 40 ingredients ).

What do you think?
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Always open to new thoughts.

I've used the method Jim mentions (Hi Jim) and it's worked on a few things.

The only thought I have is what impact would it have on the smoke penetrating the skin if you crisp it up first. Say you decide to crisp it up in a hot oven THEN smoke, will the smoke penetrate?


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