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So...My local city has a street fair on Wednesdays. From 3-7pm. I would love to do a pulled pork sandwich plate. I think there is a wonderful opportunity. Tonight we went for dinner. Pupusa's, Jamaican jerk plate, Filipino food, and some desserts. Along with crafts, fruits, vegies, and desserts.

A booth is $25. Seriously? What a great place to start.

My question. I know I could have plenty of pulled pork smoked at home held in coolers and served during the 4 hours of the fair. I just think having the smoker going during would help sales. Who doesn't love the smell of smoke? So power wise (generator) what do I need to run a SM-150?

Thanks for the info.
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I know what you mean about the smoke. It does draw people in. I have an SM160 and it requires a min of 20 amp circuit it is 1550 watts, which is about 13 amps. Would not need to be to large of a generator. I just wondered if you have a cold smoking device you just put in the smoker and generate smoke. Like the amazin smoker. It sounds like you don't want to cook just get the aroma goin. Just a thought.
Gary I.
I agree that the smell of smoke would be a good draw. Heck having the 160 in your booth "holding" a couple of hotel pans of already pulled product would be nice.

After Hurricane Sandy I broke down and spent $1000.00 on a Honda Black MAX at Sam's Club. 7500 watts, I figure if I'm gonna be without local power again I want to have enough juice to run my well pump, hot water heater and furnace. It was $1000.00 at Sam's. I think if they are not in stock they can get one from their warehouse for you. Really nice knowing I went top of the line.[FLASH_VIDEO] [/FLASH_VIDEO][FLASH_VIDEO] [/FLASH_VIDEO]


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Originally posted by BigMikeinNJ:
Tell the CFO next time a hurricane blows through your area in late October and it's 20 degrees out, you got no power, no pump, no toilet, no running water and your animals are freezing that generator would be a real doggone help...

Funny you should say this. About 3 yrs ago we had 90mph+ straight line winds roll through. Granted nothing compared to what you guys had to endure, but bad for us. We were without power for 4 full days in 100 degree heat. Did manage to string cords from 1 neighbor to keep fridge going. We just get that stuff and tornadoes.
Gary I.

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