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Just to get my practice in I picked up a 5.25lb Select Prime Rib, rubbed with Dizzy Pig Cowlick and Cherry for smoke. Set at 230* a little over 4 hours until it hit 135*, I turned the Smokette down to 150* until I reached an internal temp of 142*, let it rest for 10 minutes and had a slice or two! My taste tester (son) declared it had too much smoke, which I like but will use less next time. Sliced it up for French Dips tomorrow!
This was an easy cook and now that its in the books, I'll be ready next time!

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It is pretty rare to find a Prime standing rib roast.

Those folks that sell them,often dry age and air ship.

Most major grocery chains,and Sam's/Costco sell choice standing rib around the holiday .

The stores are advertising them for about $6/lb this week.

Ribdog buys some "better" choice,or maybe herford from fresh market for $3-$4 more/lb.

Lobel's is a major purveyor of dry aged.

Lobel's Prime Standing Rib
Harlee- As a a rule of thumb, the first time I try a new meat I use 1/2 the Cookshack reccommended amount, esp with Mesquite as it tends to be strong and can give a "sooty" appaerance to the surface of the meat.

Also, esp with ribs I've found about 25 degrees LOWER setting and additional hour or so makes very tender, juicier meat. Coot

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