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I have a large day after wedding party coming up in May and need to cook a large amount of food for 50+ people. Since it's my daughter getting married I do not think I will 1) be getting up early to cook or 2) have a lot of time to spend tending to the smoke. I was just wondering about peoples opinion about preparing a few days earlier and reheating. I'm ok with reheated pulled pork but would also like to do ribs and brisket as well. Does it lose a lot by reheating ?
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Nothing wrong IMHO but opinions will vary. I do it all of the time. The way I look at it: It will still be better than most of your guests have ever had. I let the ribs cool then vac seal & refrigerate or freeze. When ready, I reheat in the bag with boiling water in a pan. Then sauce and crisp up on your grill (or just eat). You've got plenty of time for trial runs!
Yes. Just make sure the bags are oven/microwave safe. FoodSaver & Ziploc are. Most brand name plastic wrap is ok up to 250 too. I don't boil mine because if there is a leak it won't go well. Some boil, some simmer, I just pour boiling water on top and leave alone for 15 minutes. For larger volumes I'll change the hot water once.
Don't reheat ribs. I got really good at it in the restaurant but for a nice event like that so want top quality.

I did something different for one of my daughters, smoked up about a dozen salmon. Yup the night before the wedding. But that's just me.

You are violating are Cardinal rule... Don't do something new for a special vent.

No matter what you decide on, but as its a special day, practice. The timing and steps you need to practice.

If it wasn't a wedding I'd say skip the practice but not this time.
I've done this many times, and I always pre-cook and vacuum seal. I don't want cooking to distract my attention from the main event. And I don't want to be tending a fire in a suit or tux.

I stick with meats that lend themselves well to reheating (no ribs). I also make sure to include a lot of liquid in each bag, so each hotel pan has plenty of liquid to keep the meat fresh.

I once tried putting all the meat in foil-wrapped hotel pans and reheating in the oven. It took too long. So I put it in smaller bags, and as needed I can take bags out of the fridge and heat them pretty quickly.
I've tried ribs on many occasions and agree that they are not good reheated. I thouught it was just me. I've tried every which way, sealing in food save bags, and reheating in foil with liquid, boiling ... I've tried brisket and I don't think it's anywhere near when fresh with the exception of burnt ends ... they reheat fantasic. I see a lot of people reheat brisket so maybe I'm doing something wronge. I've also tried pulled pork ... love it reheated. My better half is now saying she doesn't want me spending all my time cooking so I will do a couple of pork butts the week before and some chicken and smoked sausage the day of (and some smoked / stuffed jalapenos). keep is simple.

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