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As some of you know from my having hi-jacked another members post yesterday Big Grin...I cooked 4 whole ribeye's yesterday on my FEC-100...they came out great! However, there was just too much meat for 70 guests as we also had about 20 lbs. of pork loin and at least 15 lbs. of peel & eat shrimp.

Long story short I have quite a bit of left-over prime rib...I am sure this crew will have some suggestions as to what to do with it. So...let's hear them, please!

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Stuffed baked Potatoes

Cube/chop up the leftovers (separately) and the dump a big chunk on top of a BP.

Add whatever else you like.

I do this with most leftovers.

I also slice the PR time and make a PR dripping beef sandwich. I save all the au jus when I make it just for this reason.
Prime Rib Hash! Hmmm. I had leftovers too. I had some trimings that I cubed, added onions and sizzled in a hot pan, good stuff. Would've added diced potatoes, but didn't have any. Also tonight we sliced some thinner slices from a roast and warmed in leftover au jus for prime rib dip.

By the way thanks to all for the help last week. My wifes office party went great. I smoked low and slow to 115 degrees, seared in the oven at 500 till they reached 123 as was recomended. Foiled and put them in the cambros till serving time. I got a two burner hot plate at Target. Had a gallon of au jus on one side and a hot cast iron pan on the other. I had cut each rib in two before cooking so I had eight half ribs - more end cuts. It worked out great. I sliced to order at the table. Out of 70 people I only had three want their meat cooked a little more. Everyone loved the meat and as was John's experience more people than expected wanted it m.r. to rare. Some asked for the rarest I had.
Sorry to post and disappear...just too dang busy. I ended up trimming and then vacuum packing the left-over prime rib. Simmered the trimmings and made a large electric roaster full of beef vegetable soup with that. It rocked!

Did twice baked potatoes with the left over baked potatoes. All is well.

I too used a mix/base for the au jus...came out pretty well.

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