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Just upgraded to Amerique - No better smoker on earth!
Here is the sure fire steps to perfect rare prime rib on the Amerique - easy too!
Cook time: 5.5 hours - start at noon, dinner at 6pm.
Meat: 2 ribs, choice prime rib, 6 pounds with bone in.
Rub - meat cold from fridge, sprinkling of table salt and coarse black pepper. More peper than salt, just sprinkle on a generous amount and rub (not pound) all over meat and bone.
Let stand on counter for 1/2 hour.
Put rack 2nd shelf from top (so meat will not hit top of oven). Set meat curve/fat side up on rack.
4 oz of apple wood - next time I would reduce to 2 oz - but still excellent.
Set cook temp to 225 degrees, and probe to 130
degrees. (Did not pre-heat smoker)
Started at noon time:

In smoker 1.5 hours, now 1:30pm - meat is 69 degrees, turn oven temp down to 140 degrees, open door for a minute to help lower heat in smoker.

In smoker 4 hours, now 4:00pm meat temp 118 degrees, increase smoke temp to 250 degrees.

In smoker 5.5 hours, now 5:30pm meat 130 degrees, remove meat - let rest on table for 1/2 hour - meat temp climbs to 134 degrees.

Absolutely terrific result. Your time may vary on pulling at 130 degrees, but your results will probably be close to mine. Outside temp 75 degrees - summer. I attached is picture of a slice - 3 pounds one half of entire rib roast.


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Here is a picture of the entire prime rib as just pulled from over from previous message. I considered searing in the oven first, but preferred to see the results without having to do that. Judge for yourself. Im my humble opinion, it did not need it - outside of roast nice color, taste and crisp to it.


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