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I think I already know the answer to this (as in NO), but are there any tricks to hold Prime Rib longer than the standard FTC times after the cook without dropping in the danger zone. Or, are there any tricks to re-heating the entire roast the next day without ruining it? I have been selected by the in-laws to cook one since I did so well on Mothers Day. The problem i have for Christmas is the timing between both of the places we need to be. My other delema is I might not have an oven to sear after the cook? My AQ only gets to 300*.

Below are some pics from the Mothers Day PR. Coated with a fresh herb paste. Seared in 500* oven after resting for 30 min post AQ cook to medium rare.



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i can think of two ways:

1) preheat the cooler with near boiling water, drain, FTC, make sure to fill up all the empty space in the cooler with towel et al.

since the roast is starting out a relatively low temp, this might not make it six hours.

2) go to active control and build a portable battery powered sous vide chamber and use it for transport. sear onsite using a charcoal grill and 17" lodge cast iron pan.
I have a Cambro, and would not hesitate to hold for 6 hours in it. I think that a really good 7 day ice chest would probably do as well (if you preheat it and leave the lid closed).

But if you are going to two houses, try this. Put a brick or two in your oven, wrap in a towel, and put in cooler. When you get to the first destination, you can reheat the brick while you are there.

I would not worry too much about searing the PR. Any crust you get is going to get soft during a 6 hour hold time.

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