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To all and to any,

I am a Chef and have the Cookshack DH-101 which is a smoker and dehydrator.

I have many problems cooking things even very slow and the end product becomes very very dry. Sometimes I cook beef shortribs (full slab)very slow for 6-8 hours and meat is very dry on outside but medium temperature inside.

I am using Australian Grain Fed Beef which is of great quality but still can't solve the problem.

Cold smoking is another issue.

Settings are at cook only and NOT dehydrate so things should be ok.

Any solutions?

All help is much appreciated!
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I am not familiar with the DH-101 but almost any meat product cooked in a cookshack or other electric smoker at 225 degrees will give a very moist finished product. I would suggest that u check the internal temp of your cooker to be sure of the temp u are cooking at-cook to finished temp of meat not time-at the end of a cook if u foil the finished product and let is rest outside the cooker it will soften up the outside crust if that is what u are trying to achieve

Hope this helps
If you're not using the dehydrate cycle, then it's exactly the same as a Pro 150 series. So if you do a search on 150 might turn up some info.

Need some specifics.

What temp are you cooking at (test the internal temp of the smoker, not just what it says on the display). The first thing we need to know is if the internal smoker temp is matching the display. A remote probe thermometer works best for that.

Beef ribs can be tricky, especially if they don't have much meat or fat, what temp are you shooting for internal.

What else are you cooking? At what temp and to what temp internal?
Originally posted by Smokin' Overseas:
Just having a lot of difficulties and hopeing to find solutions.

When you do, give us more details. What you're cooking, rubs, prep, actually cooking time, opening doors or whatever you do.

The biggest challenge is to verify then internal temp of the smoker being what it displays. Once that's known, we can solve the rest.
Dear SmokinOkie,

The cookshack/dehydrator that I have was finally repaired. The control board got hit with smoke and was deemed useless after only a few months of heavy smokin. They sealed the back chamber where the electronics are now and things are better. My company here in Malaysia also added a switch now so I can turn off the dehydrating fan when I want to to ensure a moist product.

Here I am usuing local Mangrove Wood and the results are excellent.

Thank again for your time and advice and I will be contacting the forum more often for information.
Again about the dehydrator fan.....

The products are coming out very moist and much better than before. It just leads me to believe that the dehydrating fan was on all the time when I was using the machine. I am not sure why they built it like that.

Now I can switch it off anytime and when I smoke BBQ cashew nuts, cheeses and brine cured lamb bacon, then I can switch it right on.

Thanks again and I hope my feedback helps someone else.

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