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My 16 year old son loves my ribs and wants to "transfer" the flavor of the rub and glazed BBQ sauce to the pulled pork.
My first thought is to take smoked butt...pull it...season with rub...fridge over night... Sauce and put into cold smoker(FE100) at 180 . My thinking is the sauce will absorb the smoke flavor at low temp for 2 hours then kickup the temp to 280 to carmalize the sauce. Don't know if the pulled pork with dry out. Has anyone tried this before?????????
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SouthD it sounds to me as though you're trying to mimic Chinese BBQ Pork...not so much flavor wise but increasing the ratio of tacky sauce to meat. If so, lcubed probably has the right idea.

You can give your original idea a shot but my guess is the meat would dry out quite a bit, leaving you with a chewy-gooey mess.

One final thought, Google a couple of Char Siu recipes (Chinese BBQ Pork) and substitute your rub and sauce for the Chinese element. It's more about the size and timing of the pork cook.

Hope that helps.
Smoke your sauce.

If you try to double smoke pulled pork like that it will just dry out and won't be a good end product.

You can always try it, but if you put already shredded pork back in the smoke for the smoke time AND the 280 to carmelize, then it's a dryness disaster.

I like Max's idea. If you want that test, go with his and icubed's idea.

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