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I made some sauce a while back but now cannot seem to find the recipe in any of my books or on the internet. I think I must have stumbled on it online and and tossed the printout.

All I remember is it is a tomato (possibly ketchup) based sauce
and contained apple juice(cider was an option) as the main liquid and brown sugar and of course the normal spices.

I believe it may have been part of a rib recipe....

It is a fairly sweet sauce, unfortunatly I made a small batch 1st decided it was good and made up a gallon and now that's nearly gone and can't find the recipe again..... And 3 more people want my recipe (so now it's really drivin' me nut's)

Before any rants about good Q not needin sauce...

As far as sauces go I also usually don't use them on fresh Q' but it helps with reheating or sandwiches. or basicly any time most people would use ketchup....yech... or of course the best (IMHO) use for leftover Q stuffed baked potatoes.

I did do a search and noticed that Smokin'Okie has a recipe on here that sounds pretty close. I am just looking for a few more and hoping I will know it when I see it...

Does anyone out there have such a recipe???
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