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Hello everyone,

I am getting ready to smoke 3 pork butts for our company Halloween potluck and I wanted to clarify the time issue. These pork butts are approximately 7.5 lbs each. If I am smoking 3 of them in my 55, do I use the rule of 2 hours per pound for 1 butt at 7.5 lbs, even though I am cooking three? I am trying to get the time issue resolved because I need to take them out before I leave for work, and store them in the cooler. Would a time of 16 hours at 225 be reasonable for 3 butts of that size? Thanks in advance for the information.

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I own a Smokette, so I don't know if there is much difference between it and the way yours cooks. The handful of butts I've done at 225 that were all about that size took closer to 18 hours. I'd figure on trying to finish a little earlier than later, unless your boss will forgive you for being late provided you turn in such a good meal!

If ya finish early, just foil, wrap in a bunch of newspaper and put in a nice clean ice cooler. Drag the cooler through your workplace, turn around and look at the line of people following you! You'll be amazed.

I believe most will say your okay to keep in the cooler for up to close to 5 hours.

Good luck....just my opinion!

Cook them at 235�,and you should finish under 16 hrs.

If they are slow,when you are up near 170�,kick the cooker up all the way.

If you are not opening the door,you should be done easy.

If you are holding several hrs in the insulated cooler,they will continue to cook.

I'd check them by 195� internal,for holding several hours.
Thanks for the help everyone. I am going to put them in the SM55 at 225 degrees tomorrow at noon ( I don't use an extension cord if that matters). That would make it 16 hours Monday morning at 4:00am. If they are done, I will hold them in the CS at 140 until 6:00am. If they need the additional cook time after 4:00am, I have until 6:00am. They will be wrapped in foil and set in a Coleman 5 day Cooler with Towels and Newspaper (they need to hold until 11:00am). Good Lord I hope this works. Everyone has been hounding me at work about this and I don't want to disappoint. Frowner


Let us know how it goes Wayne.

Good luck.

Mine NEVER take 2 hours, but everyone with Smokettes and 50's say theirs do, so I'll defer to them. Just check them late in the evening.

Do NOT be fooled. They'll shoot up to 160 to 170 pretty fast but then stay there for hours, the infamous plateau.

In case they finish early, you can also add some plastic wrap inside the foil so none of the moisture gets out. With three, they'll stay plenty hot for 4 or more hours.

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