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Okay, now that I've got the Smokin' bug (CS-50), I've nearly immediately realized I have a ton of food leftovers, so;

Short of giving it all away to friends, etc, which Foodsaver product does the CS Forum users recommend?

I did a search on and a "gazzillion" hits came up; way too confusing. Thought to ask here first.

Cheers and thanks for any comments!


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Wheelz is right. We could tell you what we like but that doesn't necessarily help you. There are two types of vacuum sealers predominately, a Chamber and non-chamber type. Non-chamber sealers like Food Saver and such, use proprietary bags that are fairly expensive. Kinda like Gilette razors - they give you the razor but you have to buy the blades from us. Chamber type sealers, while initially more, to way more expensive generally allow you to shop around for the best deal on bag material. They generally seal better. If you can afford to spend from $300 to several thousand dollars go with a chamber type. If you want to reduce your initial outlay go with a Foodsaver or other non-chamber vacuum sealer, though the bags get fairly expensive if you do a lot of sealing. Try, they have both kinds for you to compare.
We recently upgraded from an older Food Saver to the same style of sealer just like that one you show except our model does not have the bags stored within the sealer so it has a smaller footprint on out countertop. We we use it daily for all sorts of bulk meats and leftovers. Check the local wallyworlds and such as they carry them too. Look for sales on the rolls of bags as you can make them any lenght you need. Some save money by washing and reusing the bags. I have not.

The main difference is this newer model has a wider and more robust seal area so it is far superior than the one we replaced so be aware if you are reading some older reviews that you do not confuse newer and older models. They all can use the the canisters that are bought seperately.

check this one out as I see it is black. I have not seen that color.

I recall ours was like $79 (white)
Hey, I have a Sinbo sealer that I just bought recently. I like it because you can use any type of bag you have at home, like regular plastic bags, mylar bags, Foodsver type bags, just about anything that heat seals. I have a Foodsaver also but the bags are kind of expensive and not always handy. The Sinbo Keep Fresh is a snorkel type sealer so it doesn't use special bags. I got it at for sealing drybags to make dry aged steaks at home, but now I can use it for other things at home. Turned out pretty handy.

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