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Quick Beer Can Chick
Thawed a 5.3 Lb. Chicken in the morning.
* Brined in a basic brine, ½ cup kosher salt and ½ cup brown sugar ½ gal water 3 hrs.
( ph 6.2 – Sal 30% )
Rinsed and patted dry, applied a Memphis rub inside and out.
Placed ⅓ cup of Smokes Butt Mop in can.
Placed in AQ set at 275° using 2.2 oz. of apple wood chunk.
Internal temp of chicken 37°, outside temp 40° at startup.
At one hour internal temp was 89°
Basted with Panda Express Orange Sauce at two hrs. internal temp 143°.
Pulled at 3 hrs. 166° tented and let rest 20 minutes.
Had good color, taste and very juicy.
* Normally add spices to brine and brine at least overnight.
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