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I did a 10 pounder yesterday and the temp seemed to rise quickly on me too. I took it out at 185* to foil for the last hour or so, and when I re-inserted my probe it read 148*, so I think I might have had a bad probe placement the first time.

I'm not an expert on brisket, but the 8-10 pounders I get around here usually take almost exactly 1 hour per pound at 225* to reach 195* internal. Anything way less than that and I get worried.
Sorry kamots, no magic answer. We can ask all the normal questions about smoker temp, grade of brisket, etc, but we can't always find an answer.

That's why (I'll be you know what I'm going to say...)

It's done when it's done

Just means that whatever we're cooking sometimes has a mind of it's own. Recently I've done a lot of brisket and ALL of them are getting done in less than an 1 per pound. But that's the new FEC cooking a little hotter.

If you know the temp is what you set it at, and it's a similar size to what you've cooked before, sometimes, it's just a mystery.

Keep good notes and see how the next one does.
How tender was the meat? That's what time buys you--tenderness.

I'm with Todd--try moving the temp probe around to make sure you're in the thickest part of the meat and not in a fat vein or touching bone. When I doubt the reading on my remote temp probe, I pull out my trusty instant-read thermometer just to be sure.

Ones I've done that size have taken upwards of 24 hours.

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