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i am a newbie on the cookshack forum, but have been researching for months and enjoyed all your candid input...i just got my ameri que delivered and am psyched to begin successful smoking of everything smoke first question...when i look through the recipes i see cooking times for pork ribs varying from a low of 2 hours to a high of 4.5 ...i can usually physically tell from lifting and bending but can anyone give me their experiences on this smoker in temp will have to be 200- 225 .i will be using a rub and from what i have seen i will be using cold meat in cold smoker for best bark....any takers ?
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i don't have a ameri que i do have a fec100 but my ribs for home and competition i do at 224 i do my ribs roughly 4 hrs i take the membrane off the back and usually do Babybacks. we do our own spice rub and also last hour we do sauce the ribs for a hour.

they turn out pull off the bone but not squishy over cooked. let the ribs tell you when they are done.
Ive cooked ribs in the 008, 55 and 150 cookshack models.
Ive also cooked a heck of a lot of ribs on Klose offset smokers as well as many others.
A St.Louis style rack of ribs averages 5 hours at 250 degrees.
A rack of baby back ribs at the same temp averages 4 hours at the same temp.
I grab my ribs in the center of the rack and if they easily fold into an almost update horseshoe shape, there done.
Hope this was somewhat helpfull to you.
I have an AmeriQue and do like N2Que. I do babybacks. Pull the membrane, coat the ribs with my rub, let sit several hours and hang the ribs. I put them in at room temp. I set the AQ to 225. Depending on the weight it takes about 4 hours. When they come out of the smoker, I put on a very little sauce, foil them and let them rest for an hour or so in a ice chest.
I know its a fine point, but the title "recipes" throws me off. I don't have BBQ recipes. Nothing I cook has an exact time and temp every time. Too much variance in meat.

You cook at 300 and small 1.75 baby backs and it may indeed be close to 2 hours

Cook 4 lb spares and 200 and it could be ten.

The answer depends on temp and on the size and type of rib.

Just saying spares doesn't mean much. Trimmed or untrimmed? Note the weights of the racks. Little variance in weight can make the cook longer for sure. 1/2 pd could be another hour.

That's why the variety of answers.

It also depends on how you want them. Bite through or fall off the bone.

Cook a few and keep really good notes.

3lb spares, 225 to 250 will take 5 to 7, times will vary depending on your use of .... ugh....foil

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