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Originally posted by MaxQ:
Santa Max would appreciate any leads for a gift pack of Filet Mignons for good friends in Houston. I've scouted through Snake River, Lobels, Allan Bros. I recall a TX Wagyu outlet but can't think of the name. Any further suggestions?


I always use, and recommend, Allen Brothers for something such as you're doing. Beyond outstanding meat, they have a good selection, fast shipping, and excellent service. I've also used Loebel's and SRF in the past, but still prefer AB.
I wound up ordering a 5 lb Wagyu beef tenderloin from SRF. It was the best bang for the buck and afforded the most flexibility, i.e. cutting specifically sized Filet Migs.

@ Smokin...maybe next year Russ. Besides, you drank your "thank you" already Big Grin

Thanks for all the replies Gents! Good resource info.

PS. Just noticed my original post got moved to Beef. Makes sense. Sometimes the subject matter falls into the "where's the best forum to post this?" My bad Frowner

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