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I have mostly used big bob gibsons red sauce for my pork, But think it has too much worch.. and liquid smoke in it. Then yesterday, ups brought me some LOTTA BULL red sauce. It is awsome. A little on the sweet side, but the best I have had so far.
Now its time to get the katchup out and start trying to dub it.
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I have been using Tennesee Red Sauce by Blues Hog and people I serve just LOVE it. A semi clear red color, sweet, tangy, and slightly spicy (according to my wife). I use it on wings, beef, all kinds of pork and even brush it on shrimp on the grill. Good for dippin. I always keep a pint jar in the fridge with hot peppers in it for those that really like sweet heat! I get mine at:

Have a great weekend folks!!

Tom mentioned waay back in this thread about a use for the Carolina White sauce.

Just smoked about 14 chicken leg quarters this week with a marinade from Big Bob's BBQ book. The marinade was olive oil, lemon juice and lots of spices (oregano, basil, cilantro, +)

We also used the white sauce recipe in the book and it really goes well with chicken.
The thread started out with some reference to Mike and Debbie Davis bbq sauce,how to get it overseas.

Folks may not realize how few sauce makers/bottlers there really are,and you can get one with your mother's picture on it,and your name.

Papa,since you have had struggles to get product to you in Germany,here is a tip.

Have a friend ,stateside,get a bottle of lottabull,and a bottle of Cookshack MILD and do a blind taste test with a few friends.

When they can't tell the difference,you know you can get CS shipped to you.

As far as making your own,it is usually less expensive to let the company make it and ship to you.

Might even try the same taste test,on beef and all purpose rub.

Just a thought. Wink

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