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For the sake of moisture and slicability, is it better to reheat the whole brisket unsliced or slice and reheat slowly? Either way, plan on reheating foiled with some au just in the bottom.

What temp would you reheat at and how long based on both methods? 15 pound brisket that came out at ten pounds.
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I had a large meal to do for 125 people. Had to hold meat for three days then serve. The advise I got from peopl ehere and on another site was to slice the meat then bag it, and then heat it in boiling water. I have done this on several times,and always had success.

I will let them meat cool, then slice and bag in a zip lock bag, two or three for a whole brisket will make it easier to fit a smaller pot.

Be carefull to not let the bag stick tothe side or bottom of pot. A good low boil will do it.

Did 16 yesterday, and that is the advise I have been offering forthe last 3 years and everyone has had succcess with it.


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