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Pulled this off the old cookshack site, wanted to post some of the "best of".
Please add your information that you've learned so others may learn.

First time I've seen you here ChuckS, welcome. Here's the recipe (courtesy of Dave), if you cook these, would love to get your feedback for everyones benefit. Enjoy.

Posted by Dave fro Pittsburgh

Rendevous Rub
2T Hungarian Paprika
2t Seasoned Salt
2t Black Pepper
2t Garlic Powder
2t Onion Powder
1t Oregano
1t Dry Mustard
1/2t Chili Powder
1/2t Ground Red Pepper

I also add; 1-1/2T Turbinado Sugar 1/2t Cinnamon

A good mop to go with this rub
1/4C Brown Sugar
2t The Above Rub
2C Red Wine Vinegar
2C Water
1/4C Worchestershire Sauce
1/2t Hot Sauce
1 Bay Leaf

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Smokin',you are probably aware of this,but thought I would add this for general info.The Rendezvous rib technique doesn't lend itself as well to our Cookshacks as it does to our woodburners.They use only charcoal,no wood,direct grill 30 mins. a side about 18in. over medium hot coals.They wash loin back ribs well with white vinegar,start them bone side down and mop every 15 mins.[liberally].Their mop is 1 qt. white vinegar,1 qt.water and 1/3 cup rub.When they pull them off to go directly to the table,they sprinkle lightly with rub.

Good Q 2 Ya,Tom.
I think someplace in the archives I mentioned that Charlie Vergos used to use Sauer's Greek Seasoning in cases of small bottles.

They already had it for ham and a sorta chili soup they sold.

When ribs started,it became rib seasoning.

It was heavy with oregano,as many Greek seasonings are.

Being frugal,they also used to use the juice from the gallon jars of dill pickle chips in their rib wash.

After all,it was white vinegar and water.

Big Grin

Of course it was all poured through the rack of shoulders,up above the rib grill.
At one time Nick Vergos posted his rib recipe somewhere, I put it on my web site BBQSMYTHE with the copyright reference, its on my Recipes page. From what I do see on the FoodTV shows, the cooks move the ribs around from different racks on their grill (its not really a smoker its direct charcoal as they say above) and I think that is their temperature control (low rack high heat, high rack low heat).

Its not too different than what Tom reports, if I am not mistaken Tom has been there. I'd like to go sometime, place has a mystique about it...

Preston D

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