Something got into my FEC100 and there are wires disconnected and frayed.  I can't tell what goes where and have no Idea how to read a schematic.  Does anybody know of a service that can re-wire a FEC100?

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I ran into a similar issue a few years ago.  A thunderstorm fried the board of my IQ4.  Cookshack had no replacement boards left as they had already moved on to the IQ5.  I live in New Jersey, so I couldn’t expect to get on site help from Cookshack.  I was faced with the choice of upgrading to an IQ5 or wheeling the FEC100 to the curb for trash collection.

I have zero electrical skills, can’t read a schematic, can’t even solder.  Luckily I have a friend who was well equipped for the job. I was able to bribe him with the prospects of good meals when the mission was accomplished. I have to be honest, its very doable but its a bitch.  You aren’t replacing the board, you are replacing the entire controller section of the FEC100.  Its awkward and the instructions are terrible.  If I recall there was a schematic that my friend referred to for help.  There were many phone calls to a very patient Bill Vice.  Lots of cursing out loud by my friend.  By the time it was all over I got Bill to agree with me that a how-to video on the Cookshack youtube channel would be a good idea (I don’t believe there was any follow through on this). 

When the dust settled the igniter rod didn’t work and I wasn’t asking my friend to crack the unit open to find out why.  I use a MAPP torch to ignite the pellets and frankly I like it better.  Minor issue.

The good news is that the IQ5 is a better controller overall.  It offers three stages - smoke, cook, and hold.  Its much more stable and precise.  I rarely see more than a 1 or 2 degree deviation from my set temperature.  I think I turn out even better ‘cue.

So unless you live near the factory or have access to someone with electrical skills I wouldn’t attempt it.

If my IQ5 gets fried I’m putting Bill on a plane and flying him in from Oklahoma!


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