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Best Pepper Jelly Recipe EVER! From my dear departed friend.

Nora's Pepper Jelly
- Read whole recipe first
5 med sized canned jalapenos-1/4c 1/2 c chopped seeded green pepper
1/4 c red seeded bell pepper 6 c sugar
2 1/2 c apple cider vinegar 1 bottle (NOT CRYSTAL) pectin
Chop all veggies very fine, add sugar and vinegar. Bring to boil, add pectin, boil 1 min.
Proceed as with any jelly, i.e. put in jars and seal. Makes 7 1/2 pints. Don�t double recipe - make twice.
Can be made hotter by adjusting the amount of seeds from jalapenos. For very hot, c rush 1 small chili into veggies before boiling. Beware!

Nora�s Way: Same vinegar, sugar, certo. Replace peppers as follows:
1 cup chopped fresh jalapenos
1/2 cup bell peppers - orange and red
1/2 cup mixed hot peppers

Boil for 10 min, add certo and boil 3 min more. (This is important or it will be very runny

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