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I own a SM008 and recently purchased three bar-b-chef rib racks ( They fit snugly between the smoker's side racks. Each rib rack holds four half slabs.
Trouble is, even though i sprayed vegetable oil on the racks, it was very difficult to get the ribs off the rack after the cook. Good thing they weren't 'fall off the bone' or I'd have ended up with pulled baby backs!
Question: are other rib racks better? i notice Cookshack sells their own. It seems that the perfect rack would include a wider opening for each slab so it was easier to get them out after the cook.
Thanks in advance for all replies.
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I've used the rib hooks and like how they work. I found that when I hang the ribs with the long bones on top,the fat running down the rib seems to baste the smaller bones at the bottom keeping them from drying out. Just don't apply too much rub or it could end up dripping off! All you need is 1 hook per rib, even with spares.
I use Weber rib racks in my Smokette cause that's what I already had when I bought the Cookshack. They work just fine. No problem with slots being too narrow.

I find that the small end of the slab of ribs tends to cook faster than the rest so I usually lop off a few bones from the small end and chuck them in a zip bag in the freezer for future use. When I get enough for a meal I'll cook up a batch of small ends. Removing those bones from the slab makes it just the right size to fit in the 08. They lap over onto the sides a little but it doesn't seem to hurt anything. After a little while they will have shrunk enough that they'll be will clear of the sides. Works for me anyway.

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