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Originally posted by nthagame:
can you explain to toothpick test...

Well, since I invited it (but didn't copyright it Frowner

I copied this from another post. Years ago I was doing this to test when bread was finished and I adapted it to ribs, probably 20 years ago. It USED to be a secret.

The idea is that in order to figure out when ribs are done, you need something.

Many like the "bend test" but it's pretty subjective. Pick up a rack from the end with tongs and when it bends in the middle and the ribs crack, they're done. Probably is I don't like my rib racks with cracks in them.

Some actually like/try to do it be temp. Don't get me started on that one. I don't recommend it.

Take a toothpick (always use the same size) and insert it into the middle of the rack BETWEEN two ribs. FEEL the resistence. Do it early in the cook and you'll feel resistence. Wait until later in the cook and when it feels like it has gone in with no resistence, they're ready.

Here is the KEY!

You have to decide how much/how tender, etc etc you like your own ribs.

That means remember the resistence and when you cut them eat them and take note.

Were they done just right, then remember the way it felt.

Are they too tender, then you want to feel more resistence next time.

Are they too touch, then you want to feel less resistence next time.

Once you adapt this method, you'll have perfect ribs every time.

Yes, for you FOILERS, you can do this through the foil. Just take that into account.
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