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I wanted to smoke something to get nice roast beef sandwiches. That'a what my wife wanted for her birthday Sunday. I talked to a local butcher and he recommended ChateauBriand, which he said he used all the time. A little more expensive, but what the heck, it was her birthday.

On Friday I rubbed the 4 pounder with worcestershire, rubbed and sprinkled with Carl's Prime Rib and Roast Rub (delicious), let it sit overnight in the fridge, set it out for 45 minutes, then threw it into a smoker set at 250* with 2 chunks of white oak. Pulled at 125* internal (2 hrs) and let it set for well over an hour. I then thinly sliced on the meat slicer. Threw the sliced meat into plastic bags for Sunday night's dinner.

Next evening we had the sliced ChateauBriand on Kaiser rolls dunked into Au Jus. Great sandwiches. Delicious. Meat tender and flavorful. I didn't take pictures. Sorry.

I will definitely do this one again, but are there any other suggestions for roast beef sandwiches?
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Chateaubriand is beef tenderloin (actually the centercut)

Think Filet Mignon. I wouldn't use that expensive cut for RB. Your butcher oversold you, I wouldn't go with his recommendations.

There are tons of posts in here for RB. Have a search (you're an old hat, you know how).

Search on "roast beef" in beef forum

I think top round or eye of round as the traditional RB meat of choice, but I think you can almost make it from any large cut that's available (if you slice it thin enough).

I'm with TN, I love leftover Prime Rib slices thin for French dip sandwiches.

For me? We've been doing Chuckies lately (chuck roast) and lots of au just and everyone loves that more for sandwiches
Yep, I had to look this up and see what the heck Pags was talking about. Those folks on the coast can sure waste a good steak, oh well.

I guess I was raised a little different, not saying better, just different. I take a fine cut of beef, brisket, cook for a while till tender, slice 3/16" put on a piece of bread laying on a plate with mashed tators on each side and pour gravy all over everything.

That's how I was taught to make roast beef sandwiches, yep just a little different.
Cal, I do the same thing when I do a Chateaubriand (in defference to Cal, and ME lol a filet roast). I use the leftovers sliced very thin to make mini sliders with King's Hawaiian rolls. I have also purposely cooked a beef tenderloin and sliced it so that we could take it out on the boat with a large group for the sliders I mention. Great with a little aged red grape juice and listen to the symphony play on the water....
Yea. I know it was an uptown cut for sandwiches, but I wanted to make it special for Maur. We usually go out or smoke/grill something special for our birthdays. When she asked for roast beef sandwiches, I figured what the heck, let's at least kick it up a notch. I actually led the butcher to an upgraded cut of meat. TN Q is right. It was very tender.

It was $6.99/lb and was cheaper than the sliced beef at the grocery deli. From that perspective, it wasn't bad.

Smokin--I know I could have looked up an answer, but things were a little slow on the forum so I was creating a little conversation. Besides I figured the ChateauBriand sandwiches would create a little stir. You know me. I can't help myself. Smiler

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