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Round Top Round Roast is what it says on the label. So cheap, had to buy and try.
3.75lbs and it came in a net. I took it out of the net and unrolled it.(It is on piece of meat but about 2" thick and maybe 3" to 4" toward the end, which is the end that will be the middle of the roast.) Had a little fat over the top, which is rolled up in the roast. I slathered marinate (Salt, Pepper, handful of fresh Basil, 8-10 cloves of garlic and olive oil, blended it all) and rubbed all over. Rolled back up and re-netted.
I let marinate for 24hrs. Set Smokette Elite to 300 and preheated with apple wood. (I have never preheated yet, first time) Took meat out of frig while getting up to temp. Took about an hour. Set probe and threw it in as quick as I could choking and blinded by smoke.

I know most don't preheat and neither do I, but I wanted more of an oven with smoke. It is nice to be able to go up to 300.
I guess about 3hrs. I am going to pull it about 140 and wrap in foil.

Only time will tell.
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Okay it came out pretty good. Not too dry, but a little well done for me. That actually, was good because my wife is pregnant. 300 for 2 1/4 hrs with two chunks of apple wood, til it hit 140. I wrapped it in foil and set it back in smoker with door cracked open and unplugged. I added extra wood, because I was going to leave it in the pyrex roasting dish. The last minute I said screw it and just threw it on the rack. It got a little too much smoke.

Next time, I will pull it at 125-130, wrap in foil and set on counter for 15-20 min and use half the amount of wood.

Hey, I know most don't even mess with these little guys, but making anything taste good is a lot of fun. If it wasn't for Cookshack, I wouldn't be doing half the smoking I am now. I am going to keep smokin, because you never know the government may force me into some crazy health plan someday and then tell me I can't have smoked meat anymore. Ha! Ha! Hmmmmm?

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