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Dryer smokers might use a mop, but generally Cookshack smokers cook so moist that a mop is unnecessary, and you're correct that they lose too much heat.

People that use sauces also usually finish on the grill or under a broiler unless they're using a pellet smoker like thew FEC.
Agree with what's been said. I don't mop, but when I've checked to see if my ribs are done, I've spritz them lightly with apple juice. Otherwise, the Cookshack is so moist that I don't mop.

A good finishing sauce works sometimes depending on preference. Just had pepper garlic pork loin for dinner, no mop but injected apple juice before the smoke. We were pleasantly surprised at how moist it was.
Sometimes I put a small glass jar of apple juice on the bottom rack of the smoker while doing ribs, and the steam from the juice helps moisten the meat. Others use wine, cranberry juice, etc. I've experimented with these as well, and they all work fine. That being said, almost everything comes out moist anyway.



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